How to Get a Graduate Job Now

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Want to spend less time graduate job hunting - and start seeing MORE results? Then you need this book. Whether you've just graduated or have been job-hunting for a while, How to Get a Graduate Job Now shares the secrets no-one else will tell you, so you can ditch strategies that don't work - and discover new ones that will.

In this FREE downloadable e-book (pdf), the founder of hit careers advice website Graduate Fog shows you:

• How to find the vacancies nobody else knows about

• Tips and tricks for breaking into the most competitive industries

• How to turn an unpaid internship into a paid job

• How to choose your career (and how to assess whether your choice is a good one)

• How to write CVs and applications that get noticed for the right reasons

• How to ace interviews (while still being yourself)

• How to organise your job hunt

• Whether you should consider moving abroad

• Whether postgraduate study would boost your career - or be an expensive mistake

• How to stay motivated as your job hunt progresses

Packed with tips, wisdom and insight, this downloadable e-book explains why old-style careers advice suddenly seems so out of date. In a fast-changing world, you need a new approach to planning your future. This is it.



"Once I read Tanya's book and implemented her advice, the number of responses - and, even better, interviews - increased drastically. Speaks for itself really! Worth its weight in gold." 

"If I was going to recommend a careers advice book to a new grad I’d go with this one. It’s to the point, written in a friendly non-patronising style and actually gives advice that’s helpful in the jobs market as it exists now, not as it existed 20 years ago." 

"There are many books on how to approach your first job search post university - forget those and use this one only. One chapter I found extremely useful was how to prepare yourself mentally and maintain confidence. Job hunting and the inevitable rejections can really take their toll - Tanya keeps you going." 

Download your FREE e-book (pdf) copy of How to Get a Graduate Job Now, to own 116 pages of tips every graduate needs to know NOW



The Guardian

"Essential reading - Tanya has her finger on the pulse like few others."


"A bible for this year's graduates. Packed with spot-on tips and crucial advice, don't even think about your next move until you've read this book."


"A thoughtful and much needed how-to guide for the modern graduate."

New Scientist

"An invaluable, no-nonsense guide."


"One of our favourite writers, Tanya has such an entertaining, witty way of delivering the information you really need."


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How to Get a Graduate Job Now

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